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I was VERY excited to recieve my "Alex and Tony" book and pleased that the delivery was so fast! I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism of the book. It is hard to believe that this is the first published work of this author and illustrator. This book is amazingly illustratred and delivers a message that EVERY child needs to recieve. Young boys learn what is means and how to be gentlemen and young girls learn how they should be treated by young boys, and eventually a men. I have read this story to my daughter each night since it arrived. I cannot wait to find out what else Alex and Tony will learn!!

Mrs. L. P. Turner


I'm excited about yet another book from this talented author. I purchased "Alex and Tony Learn to be Gentlemen" for my classroom and it served as a great teaching tool for my students. I'm looking forward to the new book doing the same.

Ms. Longly

Satisfied Teacher

I got my copy and I love it! Both story and illustrations are wonderful. I really hope that this book is enjoyed by millions! Much success.



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