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Alex and Tony are observant seven year old fraternal twin brothers who admire their parents and are constantly learning from each of them. One morning during breakfast when Tony finally decides to ask dad why he always pulls out a chair from under the table for mom to sit down, Alex and Tony both learn a valuable lesson about what it means to be a gentleman. It isn't until later that day at school that the boys are able to actually put that lesson to use and experience what it feels like to be gentlemen.

In the first of an upcoming series of children's character building books from author, Antonee Boykin, Alex and Tony Learn to be Gentlemen is perfect lesson teaching literature that will undoubtedly spark dialogue in families and schools about the importance of courteous behavior. It's an ideal book for children of both sexes in that it not only focuses on how little boys should conduct themselves as gentlemen but also how little girls should expect to be treated as well. Alex and Tony's father serve as an excellent example for his young sons in the way that he acts towards their mother. He also further displays exemplary role model characteristics in the way that he takes time to carefully explain to his children why he treats their mother the way that he does and why it is equally as important for them to behave as gentlemen towards the girls and women that they encounter

Geared towards K-3 elementary school age children, Alex and Tony Learn to be Gentlemen, is a must read for children of both sexes and all races

Illustrated by: Dia Reddo

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